Dan Ryder’s tips on Twitter PLNs

I too am on a journey similar to Dan Ryder who says: “In just a few short months, I have leveraged the 140-character microblogging platform into my global PLN. Twitter chat communities such as #edtechchat and #PATUE discuss technology integration, while #Satchatand #Sunchat explore a wide range of pedagogical topics both practical and philosophical” eSchool News article titled Tips on building personal learning network on Twitter.

Since attending the EARCOS Leadership conference in Bangkok and listening to people like George Couros, I have renewed energy to get my teeth into the habit of ‘tweet discipline’ and ‘blog behaviours’ conducive to establishing my PLN. Why is it necessary? For me it is a matter of starting to sift through the unbelievable amount of cyberdata appearing in my inbox each day and finding a gem to reflect on. In doing so I am forcing myself to place it in my cognitive network in annotated fashion and consequently strengthening more connections in my overall conceptual frameworks.


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